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Marriage: Our marriage counseling services can help committed couples:

  • Strengthen Communication 

  • Develop a Deeper Understanding of One Another

  • Process and Work Through Long-Standing Issues

  • Build Forgiveness and Trust

  • Grow to be a Healthier and Happier Couple 


If a child has a behavioral issue, emotional trauma, a relationship issue, social challenge, or is suffering from depression, anxiety, or OCD, we understand! With skill-building therapy, children will not only survive, but they will also learn how to thrive. Parents will leave therapy with just as many new skills as their child.

Teenagers face significant obstacles in their life. Not only are hormonal imbalances heavily affecting their emotions, but social pressures and school responsibilities are impacting their behaviors and stress levels. Being a teenager is not easy but overcoming those obstacles with therapy is possible. ACCG can help a teen who is having a difficult time coping with emotional issues in his or her life. We strongly encourage parents/guardians to help them seek a therapist who specializes in teen counseling.

Family Systems Counseling
Through family systems counseling, together we will determine what is working within the family and draw from those strengths to change what is not working. Together we will come up with new ideas for better communication and roles within the family. It is also important to get to the root of expectations and what is and is not an acceptable component of the family relationships being sought. Individual issues such as depression, anxiety, fear, or marital problems can affect the health of the family. Addressing these issues individually can help the family unit grow and thrive.

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